Remember how I told you all that there are a lot of vacations from school/work here? Well, there are these magical, amazing things here in Spain that they call ‘puentes’. It literally means bridge, but for kids of all ages it means LONG WEEKEND- and that my friends, is universal.

To take advantage of these 5 off-days, my host family and I decided to pack up car and head down South. Yesterday we arrived here in Jaén, Andalucía. It’s the province that produces the most olive oil in all of Spain-which is saying a lot because I’m convinced it runs in their veins here. But it’s easy to see why; the entire area is covered with olive trees. Driving into Jaén you could literally get out of your car, in the middle of the road, and look around in any direction and see only rolling hills and olive trees for miles- it’s actually really beautiful.

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This is my host dad’s homeland; he’s from a teeny little village (with about 8 syllables and impossible for me to pronounce) right here in the middle of the sea of olive trees. So today we spent the day in the village with his brother and his wife.

We started off by bugging the chickens and collecting their eggs, then moved on to picking some green beans in the garden. Afterwards we headed on a mini hike through the rows of olive trees. We made our way up this little hill and stumbled upon a humongous tree that could have easily been 500 years old. It was truly amazing.

After lunch, I spent the rest of the day outside on the patio, just taking in the fresh air (nice change from the city) and the sun. So basically, today was a well-needed break from reality and reunion with Mother Nature.

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