On Friday I left to Neuruppin to go to an Inbound Orientation hosted by the local Rotary Club. I had so much fun! All the exchange students from the district were there, about sixty in number. Back home, our district had less than ten! We stayed in a youth hostel, which was an experience. Usually when I am at a hotel, I don't have to clean the room myself. Regardless, I had my own bed so I couldn't complain.

I met a lot of people from other countries, which is a big highlight of the program. There were eleven people including me from the USA, and there was a girl who lives right on the other side of Philly! I made friends with a Canadian, an Australian, a Brazilian, a Taiwanese, and so much more. In the same conversation, you could here English, German, Portugese, Chinese, Spanish, and French, and surprisingly enough, it was understandable!

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We were given information about our second orientation, which is in Paris- I'm so excited! On November 2nd, we will be driving overnight on a bus, then sightseeing for three days, then driving overnight back, finishing on November 6th. The leaders flat out said that we won't be getting any sleep. However, I think it'll be worth it.

Unfortunately, you'll all have to wait for pictures. I didn't take any because everyone else had better cameras! Once I receive the photos, I'll be sure to post them.

I'll write more during the week, right now I have to set the table for dinner! Corn on the cob- how comforting :)

E. Dwyer Freeman

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