For those of you who don't know, my sister, aunt, and cousin are coming to visit today! I actually had a nightmare last night that I slept through my alarm and wasn't there to meet them at the airport.

I am leaving in about twenty minutes for the train station, where I will navigate my way through the city to get to Tegel. Thank gosh it's not so far away!

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I feel a lot of pressure right now because I have so much left to do before I leave, and due to that, I feel like from this moment on I won't catch a breath before I am on the plane making my way back to Philly.

After my sister, aunt, and cousin leave I have a few days left to pack and study for exams before I leave for the Europe Trip with my exchange group directly after my half marathon. I then have one day before I leave for Kiel with my host parents for the confirmation of a family member. As soon as I get back, I have to repack and hop on the bus the next morning to head to Krakow with my school for five days. Then it will already be May and my weekends will be filled with make-up tests and homework, and June will be trying to squeeze the last few moments out of my exchange before I head home again. So no down time for me!

Anyway, I can barely contain my excitement to see my sister after seven months, and my aunt and cousin after God knows how long! They live in Birmingham so I think the weather may be a bit of a shock- it's 30 degrees with strong wind and snow on the ground, but the sun is out so we Berliners consider it good weather.


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