This weekend I went to Greifswald for my third orientation weekend. It was a whole bunch of fun, but a little depressing... It made me realize my exchange year is almost over, and I am in no way ready!

The weather has been amazing since Saturday, and I think I'm getting way too spoiled. It's been in the mid-fifties and there have been no clouds in sight. However, tomorrow will be cloudy and starting Friday it'll be back to 30 degrees and slush.

During the orientation weekend, someone brought to my attention that the first time the sun showed its face in Berlin since the new year was January 15. That was more than two weeks. So you see, my situation here is getting pretty dire. I mean, I enjoy the occasional thunderstorm and snowfall but I just can't deal with the constant overcast weather.

So to take advantage of this blessing, I have ridden my bike to school every day (I even needed my sunglasses!) and have taken the half marathon training outside. On Monday, because I had late arrival, I actually saw the sun rise and set while on a run! For future notice - no more two-a-days, knees are still dead.

Today because all my classes but the first were canceled, I went to Potsdam for the weekly Rotary luncheon. The one day that it didn't happen. Last night was an Abendveranstaltung, a dinner meeting, so they didn't meet today. Which was great, because I therefore wasted three hours of sunshine riding pointlessly in trains and buses.

I'm not going to let it get to me, though. It's just too pretty outside! I finished up some homework and am waiting for my host dad to come back from work so we can go on a run again, I want to take full advantage of the good weather while it lasts (aka two more hours).