I was stressed about my math exam (Mathe Klausur) for nothing, because on Thursday, about five minutes before my first block ended, we all found out it was postponed until Tuesday. All the other math classes had to write their tests, but my class had a surprise free block! I enjoyed it while it lasted, and tried not to think about the next week, where three exams loom ahead of me. It gives me extra time to prep, but no room to breathe.

I'm not sure I like having all my exams on a different date. My physics exam is in early December, my art exam is in mid November, and I have German, Math, and History all next week. We also don't have prep days like we do back home - we work up until the date of, and the teachers hardly ever clarify what will be on the exam.

On Friday, I went with a friend and my host parents to see the Festival of Lights in Berlin. It was absolutely beautiful, and there were a ton of people there! We stayed in the city until midnight, and then drove home.

My friend slept over so we tried to watch a movie, but I fell asleep in the middle of it. I was so exhausted! We then slept till after twelve, and it was so nice not to hear the annoying blaring of my alarm. My tablet wakes me up with 'American Girl' by Tom Petty, and it completely ruined the song for me. As soon as I hear the first chords, I get super annoyed!

At six o'clock I went to go babysit at a neighbor's house, and I absolutely enjoyed myself! The kids were completely cooperative. We played a board game, then they pulled out their school stuff and showed me everything, they asked me a lot of cute questions about back home, and then they went so quietly and easily to bed at eight o'clock! I was shocked, to tell the truth.