As I went on a run the other day, I literally stumbled upon a cobblestone, that turned out not to be a cobblestone after all. They were placed in the brick sidewalk, two bronze blocks lying next to another. On these stones read the names of a (presumbly) husband and wife, Iva and Hermann Zorn, stating that they had lived in the neighboring house. Underneath the names stood the respective birth dates, and then the phrase:




Now, I can't be exactly sure of what the second line means. The first line most likely means 'Humiliated & Disenfranchised'. The second line probably states 'Escape in the death'. It could mean that they commited suicide. It could mean that they tried running away but were caught by the Nazis. What I do know for sure is that this stone is a part of the 'Stolperstein' Project, which is German for stumbling stone. It is meant to be a memorial for those persecuted by the Nazi regime... Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, whatever they may be.

I have been to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, I have learned about WWII, I have seen both German, British, and American documentaries on the atrocities that Hitler and his army committed, but it still made me think when I saw these stones so close to where I call home