In two days I will be celebrating the completion of one whole month here in Spain. Since I last posted, over a week ago, lots of things have changed.

First of all, I am attending a different high school here in Dénia where I have made many new friends. The teachers are much nicer and the classes are far more interesting that the ones that I took at the other high school. I am studying math and science courses and although my mind boggles inside my skull as I stare at trigonometry equations, other classes make up for it. For example, today in biology lab we crushed grapes to make wine, kneaded dough for bread, and made cheese (I think) by combining oil and some type of cream. During our next biology lab we are going to eat it all!

My Spanish doesn’t seem to be improving, although I know it really is. I know that I understand more in my head, but I don’t speak very often and I’m really going to regret it at some point. English class in school is really helpful because as my classmates learn new vocabulary words in English I write down the Spanish translations. The exercises are simple, too and I always feel more confident when I leave that class because I’m certain that I learned more Spanish that day.

This week I also started tennis lessons at a local club with five other teenagers my age. Although I’m not on the same skill level as all of them, I am extremely grateful just to be playing and having fun. At the end of the first practice I wanted to cry because I was so happy. My host parents provided me with a racket to use and even offered to pay for my lessons. I don’t think I could have possible gotten a better host family.

The days are getting colder here and it’s finally time to break out the jeans and scarves. Although autumn is my favorite time of the year I know that it means the holidays are near; and those I am certainly dreading. Christmas I going to be so hard without my family and friends back home and some eggnog in my mug. I’m just happy that I made it through the month and I feel more comfortable with my surroundings.

On Friday I am meeting with my host Rotary Club along with the four other exchange students here in Dénia. This will be our first time meeting our host club so it’s exciting!

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