Since I've arrived, it has been terribly difficult to adjust to my new life. I've felt so flustered, and a bit like a visitor here rather than a resident. But every day, I get a bit more comfortable and settled in.

The other day something normally completely insignificant and uneventful changed my entire sentiment about my home life here … a hot shower.

For my first two and a half weeks I could not figure out how to get the water hot enough in my shower, I would turn the nozzle all the way to the left and thought that the lukewarm water was the hottest that my shower would ever be. I would shower in under five minutes just to get out of the cold, and dreamed of my shower at home that I could get so hot that it would burn.

A few days ago, I woke up and walked grudgingly to the bathroom anticipating my rude, cold, wake up in the shower. When I opened the door, the mirror was steamy because my host brother had just used the shower…. how did he do that???

So I turned the nozzle on the shower only the tiniest bit to the left, just enough so that the water pressure was at its highest, and out came burning hot water!! I must've taken a twenty minute shower, and I ran a bit late for school, but finally getting the hang of such a small thing in my house has made me feel worlds better.