For the past month or so, I have known that my host sister who was an exchange student in France, was coming home.

At first I did NOT want this to happen. I thought it would be really uncomfortable for her to come home and have a stranger sleeping in her room, that she would want her space, that she would be a bit depressed about having to come home early and my company would be a constant reminder. I even asked to change families because I felt so bad about being in her way when she got home.

But when other things here got complicated, I decided to stay with my family because I really do love them.

So her arrival got closer and closer, and I was dreading it.

She got home last Saturday, and by Sunday night I knew that I was in the right place. We hung out together all week, we baked quiche, went up to Cerro Santa Ana, which is a lookout over the city, we watched lots of chick-flicks, and even went out dancing last night. I'm so happy to have her home! Having a companion makes doing things so much easier. (And she obviously has a lot more friends here than I do, and more fun things for us to do.)

She's really goofy and fun, and the best part…. she has a lot of cute clothes, and we just happen to be the same size!