All my life I have suffered from bizarre skin problems. For some reason, my skin is terribly sensitive. So sensitive, that when I had a consultation with the doctor who gave me my vaccines to come to Ecuador, she decided that I should get a rabies vaccine after looking over my records. Hardly anyone gets vaccinated for Rabies, unless they're going to be working with animals. I've had chiggers, poison oak, years of eczema, 3 infected ear piercings, just to name a few.

So I found it very surprising that it took exactly four months in Ecuador for me to acquire some kind of problem. I was well overdue for a disgusting and embarrassing skin ailment, so I only got what was coming to me when I woke up on Sunday morning with my eye half swollen shut.

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I have a rash all around my left eye, in the corner of the right, and all underneath of my chin on the left side. Yesterday I didn't leave the house because it looked so bad, my left eye was swollen into a completely different shape. So this morning when I woke up my host mom decided I should probably go see a doctor.

It turns out to just be an allergic reaction to something that came in contact with my face, not nearly as dramatic as the diagnosis I'm used to. And the doctor quickly prescribed me some pills and a cream to put on them, and even prescribed me a cream for my acne too (bonus!!!)

But I just couldn't think what it could have been. I changed my sheets and towels and everything and threw all the clothes i've worn lately in the wash. I thought maybe I was just allergic to Guayaquil… When Claudia, my host sister, figured it out!

On Friday we went to a David Guetta concert and they handed out axe spray deodorant, and everyone was spraying it all around. I bet I had a reaction to that, or maybe the acid rain that was falling on me for 5 hours….

All in all, I'm just happy that my problem will be resolved soon, and I'll be able to leave my house without sunglasses on!!

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