Some of my experiences here can only be described using clips from some of my favorite movies...

1.) The way Ecuadorians eat, can only be compared to the eating habits of Hobbits in Lord of The Rings. They're always eating or preparing the next meal, and don't dare say you're not hungry.

2) What its like when I leave my house. Walking down the street, in the mall, at school, at the beach, (you get the point)- I feel exactly like Adriadne in this scene of Inception… because it really is the exact same experience.

3) This is how I feel when I'm trying to talk to people… especially when I have something I really want to say.

4) How I feel when I get home from school after speaking Spanish all day… like I'd been walking through the poppy field all day.

5) As I mentioned before, this is how most of my days feel. Like I just fell down the rabbit hole: