Vineland native Durell Vinson was a standout basketball and baseball player at St. Augustine Prep. He went on to play basketball at Wagner College in New York City.

After his four years were done at the Division I college were done, Vinson has been playing professional basketball in Europe.

Currently, he's playing in Denmark for the Svendborg Rabbits.

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Vinson is averaging 12.6 points and 6.6 rebounds through eight games.

To keep up with Vinson, fans can check out his occasional blog posts" target="_blank">here or follow his!/pages/Durell-Vinson/223325257692733" target="_blank">fan page on Facebook for frequent updates.

Q. What do you like about playing in Europe?

A. The things I like about playing in Europe are the new people and new environment I come to each year and see how each city I play in is so different. When I played in Finland for three years I also started to learn the Finnish culture, which was exciting.

Now that I am in Denmark this year, I'm facing another new challenge with a new culture just like I did my first year in Finland. But all and all playing basketball in Europe is a hard job, and if your focus is not on basketball 24/7, you will get fired.

So, of course, I try to enjoy the new environments I play in, but all that is secondary since playing well and helping the team to win is essential for keeping my job each year.

Q. How often do you get to come home? Do you get to see your family a lot?

A.. I get most Christmas and the end of summer. I get to come home for like 2-3 months and see my family and I don't get to see them much during the season but I talk to them on Skype, which is a video chat which allow me to see them.

Q. How much longer do you think you can play in Europe? Do you have goals for the future?

A. Well, I'm young in this industry of European basketball. I'm only 26 years old, so with God's blessing I will be playing til my late 30s. My future goals is to keep traveling to different countries in western Europe and play in top leagues in Italy, France, Israel, Spain, Belgium and Greece and just see more of this amazing place called Europe while I play a game which I love.

Q. Do you ever see anyone you know from the states while playing in Europe?

A. In Europe while playing ball you never know who you will run into out here. Many guys I play against each year in Europe, I played against in college or in a camp of some sort when I was in high school or training. This world is so big but it is quite small considering I met so many guys from all over the USA that I played with or against since I have been progressing in my career.

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