Jack Crawford Senior Bowl

St. Augustine Prep graduate Jack Crawford practices the week of the Senior Bowl on Jan. 25, 2012.

St. Augustine Prep graduate Jack Crawford is working out at the Senior Bowl this week in Alabama. Crawford, originally from England, is having a trying week as he prepares to make the most out of his future and dealing with the death of the his college coach, Joe Paterno.

Bobby Deren of Rivals.com and TheDraftSeason.com caught up with Crawford at the Senior Bowl this week.

Here are Crawford's thought on different topics ranging from dealing with adversity and Penn State's reach in South Jersey:

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On the last couple months of adversity:

It's like any kind of adversity, you don't have a choice. It's something that was brought upon us. You just have to face it and keep moving forward. You can't cry about it, you can't stop playing, you can't give up.

On the Senior Bowl experience:

It's crazy, you can't really explain it until you're here. You have different coaches and stuff, it's really hard to explain. You're here talking to the NFL scouts and you realize you're this close to your dream and you just have to keep pushing through. I'm trying to impress everybody here and trying to put myself in a position to get to the next level. We all want to showcase what he have.

A lot of people called me, got in touch with me. I lost a coach, someone I looked up to. He was an icon, someone I revered. Having such a support system where I am from, it helped me personally keep fighting.

On Penn State presence in South Jersey:

Penn State has a big backing in South Jersey. There have always been a lot of Penn State fans down there and I am just happy to have their support.

On where he was when he found out about Joe Paterno's death:

I found out that morning when I was down here [in Mobile]. I found out he was in bad condition when I was on the plane. When I woke up the next morning, I had a text message saying he passed away.

On his reaction to hearing the news:

Sad, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it but people said football kept his motor going. I could see his heart was broken, it was tough.

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