With Spring Training less than a month away, MLB.com is preparing fans for the upcoming season.

First look is of the Minor League Baseball prospects, some of whom could have an effect on teams this year.

Millville's Mike Trout was picked as the third-best prospect by MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo. Trout, an outfielder in the Los Angeles Angels organization, was listed behind Tampa Bay pitcher Matt Moore and Washington Nationals farmhand Bryce Harper.

Last year, Trout was the top overall prospect in Mayo's same list.

Here's the scouting report on Trout from the site:

"Trout is a five-tool player who has shown an ability to use those tools faster than most thought he would when he was coming out of the New Jersey high-school ranks. His plus plus speed works on both sides of the ball. He's stolen 93 bases over the past two seasons. He has a very advanced approach at the plate, working counts, getting on base and not striking out much. His power continues to come, and there might be plenty more in the tank. He's a plus defender with a solid and accurate throwing arm. His makeup should allow him to get better from his big league struggles in 2011."

And it's could only get better. MLB.com added: "Still extremely high as a catalyst at the top of the order who also flexes his muscles from time to time and plays a Gold Glove-caliber outfield."


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