Baseball America released its" target="_blank">annual Top 100 prospect list and two local players have made the cut.

Vineland native Mike Trout comes in at No. 3 and Erma native Matt Szczur is ranked 64th.

This could be Trout's last time on the last. He saw time in the Majors last year in two different stints, but just came in under the minimum to be considered a rookie.

The 20-year-old hit .220 (27-for-123) with the Los Angeles Angels and .326 in double-A lats year.

Baseball America lists Trout's expected MLB full-time arrival as this season.

Szczur, 22, made his debut on the list. The Chicago Cubs prospect had his first full year in baseball last season after giving up a potential professional career in football.

The outfielder hit .293 in the minors last season between two teams, and BA lists his ETA to the Majors as 2013.

"Exciting high-risk, high-reward talent who should take off with football in his rear view mirror."