Wildwood Catholic graduate Sally O'Donnell made history this week.

The senior guard/forward for Washington College (Md.) is the first woman in Centennial Conference history to get 100 career blocked shots and 100 career 3-pointers. She reached the plateaus on Jan. 17 in a 70-33 win over Bryn Mawr.

Through Thursday, O'Donnell has 172 career 3-pointers and 100 blocks. She also has 900 career points.

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Q. How did you learn you became the first woman on the Centennial Conference with 100 career blocks and 100 3-pointers made?

A. I was told last week by our sports broadcaster that I needed 5 more blocks to be the first ever in the Centennial Conference with 100 blocks and 100 threes. After playing our two games last week, I knew going into yesterday's game against Bryn Mawr I only needed one more to hold the record.

Q. What was your reaction when you learned about it.

A. I was really excited about it. The Centennial Conference has always been very competitive and has so many talented athletes involved. Being the only person in the history of the conference to accomplish something is really exciting.

Going into yesterday's game, the biggest thing for me was to just play my normal game and a block would come. I knew that even if I somehow didn't wind up with a block yesterday, I would in the next ten games left in our regular season. Although I was thrilled to get this record, I didn't want to focus more on it than the task at hand. Luckily I got to do both yesterday with getting both the block and the win. It was an exciting day for me!

Q. Blocked shots isn't usually a skill you see with a lot of guards, how did you develop that side of your game?

A. As far as I remember, it was always something that kind of came naturally to me. I think a lot of it started in high school where I was much taller than most players. Throughout high school I learned what does and doesn't work and how to position yourself to get the block and not the foul. I think I just carried that over into my college game and continued to develop that skill. Being a 6'0 guard gives you a big height advantage that most guards don't have. I definitely think that is what helps the most.

Q. Are there are any other goals you have for yourself this season?

A. For myself personally, I'd like to reach the 1,000 point mark. Due to transferring my freshman year and injury my sophomore year, I missed fourteen games which set me back a bit. As of now I believe I have 100 points to go. As for the team (which is most important) I really would love to get to the playoffs, which we are definitely a contender for!


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