If you were picking a team of economic experts, I’d be the last one left standing against the wall. Junior high all over again.

But the people at Fortune magazine know economics. And their Sept. 5 issue has a piece by Allan Sloan that should be required reading for every voter.

Sloan is senior editor at large for the magazine. His cover story is called, “American Idiots: How Washington Is Destroying the Economy ... and What We Can Do to Fix It.”

The crux of his argument is that the economic mess we’re currently in is not so much the result of the housing market or Wall Street hucksters or European socialist chickens coming home to roost.

“The root of our current problem,” he writes, “is that there are no grownups in positions of serious power in Washington.”


Sloan uses “grownup” to mean people who are willing to look beyond their own self-interests and work together to fix problems, rather than simply stake out soundbite positions. http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2011/08/18/how-washington-is-destroying-the-economy/"> You can read his article here.

Back in the days when our families were young and our homes were often a chaotic mix of screaming children and rasped-raw nerves, a friend of mine would talk about the need for at least one parent to disengage and stay above the fray. “Somebody’s got to be the adult,” he said.

That’s what we need in the public arena right now.

In fact, I’ve got a great slogan for the next several election cycles: Vote for an adult.

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