Just as the holidays mean a bevy of TV specials, from the red-nosed reindeer to the melancholic little boy with the ailing Christmas tree, comics are no stranger to giving fans a little something extra come Christmastime.

Three such yuletide floppies will appear on the racks Wednesday, though only one will feature Santa Klaus fighting a dark-mirror version of himself who kidnaps children so a race of aliens can siphon their imaginations as a means of nourishment.

What’s that? Why, yes, Grant Morrison did write it. Why do you ask?

BOOM Studios’ “Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville” is the third go-round for Morrison and artist Dan Mora’s dark-fantasy warrior version of Santa, following a 2015 miniseries and a 2016 special.

This time, Klaus visits a Christmas-all-year town in 1980s Delaware run by a soda corporation looking to trademark the holiday — and Santa — by smearing the reputation of the real thing, with the aid of Klaus’ aforementioned dark-mirror doppelganger, who looks suspiciously like DC Comics’ Lobo.

Old-school comics fans may remember the 1991 “Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special” in which the Main Man murders the jolly old elf.

Speaking of DC, the Big Two publisher has its own holiday special out, featuring snow-kissed stories starring Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash; Sgt. Rock; the Teen Titans and Swamp Thing, written and drawn by a host of A-list talent including Christopher Priest, Jeff Lemire, Denny O’Neil, the Q-bee nominated Tom King, Greg Rucka, Rafael Albuquerque and Steve Epting.

Finally, from Valiant, fan-favorite Faith mixes Christmas with “Alice in Wonderland” for a fun yuletide tale, written by Marguerite Sauvage and drawn by Francis Portela and M.J. Kim.

Non-Christmas books out this week

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 of 6: The team-up so nice, DC and IDW had to do it twice. A little cross-dimensional travel leads perennial Bat-villain Bane to become a New York crime boss in a new story written by James Tynion IV (“Detective Comics”) and drawn by Freddie Williams II.

Rocko’s Modern Life #1: Holy ’90s! Nickelodeon’s No. 1 wallaby returns in a new series from BOOM, written by Ryan Ferrier and drawn by Ian McGinty.

Barbarella #1: Dynamite Comics revives the 1960s French sci-fi property — made famous by the 1968 Jane Fonda film — in a new series by former “X-Men” writer Mike Carey and artist Kenan Yarar.

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