Among "Marvel Legacy" #1's big reveals in September was that Wolverine — presumably the original Earth-616 version — was alive and in possession of an Infinity Stone, one of the six MacGuffins that can imbue those who wield them with godlike powers.

Now, in the tradition of the Marvel movies, the comics publisher will reveal how Logan is alive, where he is and why he was searching for an Infinity Stone in a series of "post-credit scenes" in books starting in January.

Fans may remember Wolverine was effectively turned into an adamantium statue in 2014's "Death of Wolverine" story, taking the character off the table for three years. In his stead, Laura Kinney, the former X-23, took up the costume and codename Wolverine, and the aftermath of 2015's "Secret Wars" dumped an older, alternate-reality version of Logan in the main Marvel Universe.

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He returns just as Marvel is bringing fellow long-deceased X-Men Professor X — killed in 2012 — and Jean Grey — killed in 2003 — back to the comics.

"Some of Marvel’s most acclaimed artists will tease the whereabouts of the adamantium-clawed mutant with tantalizing teaser panels — and it’s all connected!" Marvel said in a press release.

"Mystery has always been part of Wolverine's DNA,” said senior editor Mark Paniccia. “He's one of Marvel's most interesting and popular characters. Fans are going to have a helluva ride finding out where he's been and how he came back.”

A separate teaser image released last week shows Wolverine, Captain Marvel and Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy holding Infinity Stones, promising "The countdown begins in February."

The Infinity Stones will play a role in next summer's "Avengers: Infinity War" movie, in which the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe team up to take on Thanos.

The post-credit Wolverine panels will begin to appear in "Captain America" #697, out Jan. 3, "The Mighty Thor" #703, out Jan. 17, and "Amazing Spider-Man" #794, out Jan. 24.

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