Amazing Spider-Man #25: A giant-sized 25th issue can mean only one thing: A Spidey-Norman Osborn fight. Stuart Immomen (“Nextwave: Agents of HATE”) joins writer Dan Slott for the latest chapter in one of the wall-crawler’s oldest rivalries, with bonus backup stories.

Vampirella #1: Comics’ reigning vampire queen is back  fresh from a 1,000-year nap and in search of a change of clothes  in a new Dynamite Comics series by writer Paul Cornell (“Doctor Who”) and artist Jimmy Broxton.

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Batwoman #1: Kate Kane confronts her post-military past on the island of Coryana in a new DC series by writers Marguerite Bennett (“A-Force”) and James Tynion IV (“Detective Comics”) and artist Steve Epting (“Captain America”).

Divinity III Stalinverse: Escape from Gulag 396 #1: It’s Archer and Armstrong! In a Soviet prison! In America! Valiant’s comedy duo find their way into its big winter event, in which the Soviet Union took over the world. Written by Elliot Rahal with art by Francis Portela.

Coady and the Creepies #1: Sisters Coady, Corey and Criss are sisters in a punk band. After their van crashes, one is scarred, one is in a wheelchair and one is … a g-g-ghost! Find out how they keep making music given the circumstances in a new BOOM Studios series by writer Liz Prince and artist Amanda Kirk.

American Gods: Shadows #1: A Dark Horse Comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel about the war between old and new gods, soon to become a TV series on Starz. Gaiman writes the adaptation himself, with art by P. Craig Russell and covers by Glenn Fabry (“Preacher”).

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