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Police turn to chop shops of their own when replacement cruisers aren't in the budget

Cannibalism can be good.

Galloway Township school officials cut courtesy busing to help save $830,000

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Galloway school officials voted unanimously Monday night do away with transportation for some students to help achieve $830,000 cuts demanded by local elected officials.

Pleasantville introduces $28 million municipal budget

PLEASANTVILLE — The average homeowner would pay $166 more in local-purpose property taxes this year under a $28.1 million budget introduced unanimously Monday night by City Council.

Egg Harbor Township votes not to raise school tax rate - recommends pay freeze, furloughs for teachers

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Township Committee voted unanimously Monday night to not raise taxes and recommend that unionized school employees switch to a state-run health plan to help make up for the $3.48 million cut.

Deadline extensions end; municipal budgets — including Egg Harbor Township's — due May 28

Following several extensions, the state Department of Consumer Affairs said it is issuing a notice that all municipalities operating on calendar-year budget cycles must introduce their budgets by May 28, or they may be fined, spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said Friday.

Estell Manor School's fate in City Council's hands

ESTELL MANOR - The fate of next year's school budget, and possibly the local elementary school itself, may be in City Council's hands tonight when it votes on how to revise the district's rejected spending plan.

Buenas request $324,000 in additional school budget cuts

Following rejection of the Buena Regional School District budget, the Buena Vista Township Committee and the Buena Borough Council sent the Board of Education its budget back with a list of additional cuts.

Mainland Regional Board of Education finds funds to restore freshman sports

LINWOOD - The Mainland Regional High School Board of Education agreed to use an additional $275,000 announced during a special meeting Monday night to restore freshman sports and cut debt service payments.

Battle over budgets creates image problem for New Jersey teachers union

When Gov. Chris Christie battles over school funding with the state’s largest teachers union, he takes on a $131 million corporation that directs major resources into lobbying, advertising and lawsuits.

While nearby municipalities raise taxes, Port Republic manages to cut its rate by 4.6 cents

PORT REPUBLIC — While most neighboring municipalities will impose steep tax increases or cut staff and services, this small city plans to decrease the local tax rate by 4.6 cents. It has been able to do so because of a minimalist government and a public that has grown fond of a simplified life. The city provides few services — and its residents largely do not want more.

Pleasantville City Council expected to trim $36,000 from failed school budget

PLEASANTVILLE — The city is likely to cut about $36,000 from the defeated public school budget, City Administrator Marvin D. Hopkins said.

Linwood municipal budget raises tax rate 3.9 percent

LINWOOD — Local taxes are set to go up 3.9 percent under a budget presented by City Council on Wednesday night.

Northfield introduces $12.6 million budget; up more than 3 percent

NORTHFIELD — The city formally introduced its $12.6 million budget at its City Council meeting Tuesday.

State aid cuts push Absegami, Oakcrest high schools to shed 43 positions, lay off about 27 and eliminate programs

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP — The girls in the dance program at Absegami High School cried through much of Monday night’s meeting of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional Board of Education, as they realized their group probably won’t exist next year.

To save money, more municipalities closing town hall doors

Municipalities throughout the area have developed numerous ways to deal with their budget crises.

Local school budgets feel the heat of wider New Jersey budget battle

There’s not a lot to love about school budgets this year but that may drive more voters than usual to the polls Tuesday.

Seven Pleasantville police officers get layoff notices, some of whom called from layoff meeting to answer a shooting call

Seven Pleasantville police officers received layoff notices Friday evening, and six will be demoted, due to the city's budget woes, the union president said. Three of the laid-off officers may be rehired as part of a federal grant.

Atlantic City tells 19 police sergeants they will be demoted to patrolmen

ATLANTIC CITY - One-third of the city's police sergeants received demotion notices Friday, adding a new rank to a demotion list that already included 15 high-ranking law-enforcement officials.

Egg Harbor Township officials laud concessions that may limit layoffs

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - Officials praised public employees Thursday for making nearly $1.6 million in concessions that have limited layoffs to 10 workers - for now.

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