Seven Pleasantville police officers received layoff notices Friday evening, and six will be demoted, due to the city's budget woes, the union president said. Three of the laid-off officers may be rehired as part of a federal grant.

The officers were called to a meeting at 4 p.m. Ironically, some of them were called to a shooting minutes later, said Ray Theriault, president of Mainland Police Benevolent Association Local 77. When they came back from the scene, they were handed layoff notices.

"We thought we had a deal months ago, but the governor cut everyone's budget," and the city had to trim its spending plan, Theriault said.

Additionally, two captains will be demoted to lieutenant, two lieutenants to sergeant and two sergeants to patrolman, Theriault said.

"This is going to bring the city of Pleasantville down to 48 paid police officers, and they have 57 paid firemen," he said.

Three of the laid-off officers likely will be hired back under a grant, Theriault said. But things could get worse if the city loses its Urban Enterprise Zone funding at the end of the year.

City officials said last month that four police officers and 12 other employees stand to lose their jobs if Pleasantville loses more than $2.3 million it collects each year from UEZ funds.

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