Vineland school officials expect a big enough crowd for tonight's school budget hearing that they booked a bigger venue to host it.

The hearing, which begins at 7 p.m. at Landis Middle School, will give people the chance to sound off on a $190 million budget that calls for no tax increase but eliminates adult education, summer school, intramurals and 82 jobs.

Based on that feedback, district officials could change some items prior to the April 20 school elections, at which point voters will either approve or reject the budget. Board members have until April 3 to adopt a budget to put forth at the election.

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"It's a fluid document, and things can change," school Board President Frank Giordano said Monday.

Board members said they are still evaluating matters, and the big question that will not be answered for months is just how many people will retire at year's end. If there are more retirements, it could decrease the number of jobs cut, Giordano said.

Board member Tom Ulrich declined to comment about budget discussions. Board member Frank DiGiorgio, however, said he is "still grappling with some items on the list" of potential cuts.

In general, DiGiorgio said, he wants to see a deeper examination of the district's administration, which he feels may need some changes.

"I'd like to see some more efficiency on the administration side before we attack positions on the other side, the teaching side," DiGiorgio said.

School officials announced Sunday night that they would move the hearing's location because of the potential for a large crowd. Earlier this month, city fire marshals warned the district that it could be cited for fire code violations due to overcrowding after a board meeting drew such a packed crowd that observers stood inside and even outside the meeting room to hear the proceedings, school board members said.

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