Betty Vasser, of Margate, owner of Leisure and Lace women's intimate wear shop in Linwood

Kevin Post

Business: Leisure and Lace

Owner: Betty Vasser, of Margate

Location: Central Square shopping center, New Road, Linwood

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Started: 1975

Employees: 2

Phone: 609-927-5572

Leisure and Lace offers women’s intimate wear. We carry a vast array of foundations. I gear myself toward the European merchandise. It’s more durable.

We spend time with the customers fitting the bras and working with the control garments, such as Spanx. It’s basically a one-on-one shopping experience.

We have sleepwear and do a big business with pajamas. There are fun prints — cupcakes, dogs, glasses of wine, whatever suits your fancy. We also have robes, but more important now are computer jackets, which used to be known as bed jackets. They’re warm and cozy, and they move with you.

We also carry hosiery. We have Hanky Panky thongs. They are addictive. Women come in and say they’re just the most comfortable thong you could ever find, and the second thing they ask is what is the newest color.

Another area we specialize in is brides. Bridal shops send the bride-to-be to us to be fitted for undergarments, which are so important to the look of the gown. We have gifts — bridal pajamas that, for example, say “Bride” in rhinestones and have a ring on them. We carry cute little shorts with wedding cakes. And then of course the pretty little chemises that moms buy their daughters. We have bridal garters, thongs that say “I do” in rhinestones and baseball caps that say “Bride.” They love to wear those at rehearsals.

Easily 60 percent of my business is bras and bra fittings. It’s time-consuming, but we’re dedicated to helping women.

Doctors send women to us because they’re developing back problems or after surgery.

We stock the answer for low front, no back dresses — a bra that adheres to the bust.

The Internet affects small business, and sometimes that’s a challenge. I believe we’re fortunate in that we have the customer who wants to be here.

When men come in, they’re excited to find that we gift wrap.

Future: We plan to stay on top of the trends and do what we do best.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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