Business: Charming Vapors

Location: 800 Route 50, in Mays Landing Square shopping center, Mays Landing

Owner: Anthony Testa, 39, of Mays Landing

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-837-0101

Charming Vapors provides an alternative to smoking. We sell different kinds of atomizers that turn a liquid with or without nicotine into a vapor that you then inhale like a cigarette.

The major advantage is that you're not getting tar as you would with a cigarette.

We sell the liquid that goes in these e-cigarettes, as some call them. The liquid has four different levels of nicotine available.

People can use the levels to step down their nicotine consumption with the goal of eventually going nicotine-free.

We also sell zero-percent liquids, with no nicotine, so if they're in the habit of vaping - the common term now for using an e-cigarette - they can still do it without the nicotine addiction. There are people who do it just because they like the flavors.

We have more than 150 flavors and if someone comes in and asks for a flavor we don't have, I can almost always mix what they want from the base flavors we stock.

The bottom-end atomizers can be disposable plastic with coils inside. Once you use them for a week, you throw the top away. They start at $5.

From that it jumps to a glass and stainless-steel model atomizer that has replaceable coils inside. It's a better overall product and sells for $22.

Some fancy ones - with better batteries, indicators of power left, puff monitors and adjustable vapor - range from $50 up to $125.

Once you get the device, then you're spending $7 on liquid for four days or a week, depending on how much you're using it.

It's such a big fad right now, people also are coming in getting mods - modified versions of e-cigarettes.

Charming Vapors also has a vaping lounge with a TV where they can relax while I'm preparing their liquid.

Entry: I started vaping two years ago. When I saw the big tobacco companies getting into e-cigarettes, I knew it would have a future and so I decided to get into it.

The future: I plan on having a full-time mod rebuilder here.

Business editor Kevin Post


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