Where we spend our final years clearly is a matter of great concern and subject to many desires.

The 25 Words answer that first sprung to my mind was: Active to the end, and not captive to excessive and expensive medical care.

Happily, most contestants had more positive and hopeful answers.

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Many people spoke warmly about their place in southern New Jersey. Some could not wait to get out of the state.

Nandini Taneja's vision of responsibility and atonement was especially moving. She wins this week's coveted 25 Words or Less cup.

Next ... how about that state budget, with its rebate cuts, bills put off and every trick in the financial books? That question is at bottom.

Kevin Post, business editor

Where do you want to spend the last years of your life?

Alone in a rented oceanfront apartment, praying daily for the years I lived, choices I made, people I hurt, hearts I broke.

Nandini Taneja, Mays Landing

I would spend the last years of my life right here in Estell Manor, the utopia of Atlantic County, where I moved in 1931.

Corinne F. Olson, Estell Manor

Anywhere but New Jersey (and that includes hell).

Tom Krick, Ventnor

On the road again like Willie Nelson or Dierks Bentley, free and easy down the road I go.

Elizabeth Thomas, Egg Harbor Township

One, I loved 65 years ago, now found, to continue our romance together in Pennsylvania.

George T. Steffens, Egg Harbor Township

Here in southern N.J., enjoying Atlantic City, Wildwood and Cape May, their beautiful beaches, the Atlantic Ocean - all in good health.

Marie Curving, Manahawkin

I am happy here at Margate Terrace. It is a clean, secure, nature settting with great management and friendly residents.

L.M. Van Dine, Margate

Sadly, because this goverment is slowly turning this great country into the SSA, "Socialist States of America," I am looking into moving to Australia.

David Smyth, Absecon

Joyously living my time of Earth, days filled with laughter and mirth; good times, good food, good neighbors, too; Wesley Manor ... for me and you!

Ruth Auerswald, Ocean City

In my subsidized high-rise in Atlantic City. Looks like, though, it may be in a doorway in Atlantic City if Social Security isn't fixed.

Tom Murphy, Atlantic City

Any place like "Mayberry, N.C.," with the same type of characters as neighbors! Such a wonderful fancy to live out what's left of my life!

Bobby Dees, Mays Landing

In Cape May near family, friends and my church. I've traveled extensively and have loved ones from coast to coast I'm welcome to visit.

Madeline Jones Harshman, Cape May

In a warm, dry climate with low costs for property taxes and fuel so my Social Security income will go further. Southern Nevada or Arizona.

Gregory Heyeck, Mays Landing

My peaceful, backyard, waterfront home. Enjoying the most picturesque, breathtaking sunsets and sharing it all with my wonderful, loving husband. Next best place is heaven.

Gale Latona, Mystic Islands

I would like to live the last years of my life in the Florida Keys with a nice sport fisher running fishing charters .

Richard Di Cioccio, Atlantic City

Seagulls, cool breezes, ex loves, music on the beach, beef & beer, chicken BBQ, VFW, I want to come home to Somers Point, N.J.

Connie Somers Stephens, Egg Harbor City

Too many words

With a soon to be "Zillion Dollar" government deficit and a vaporized 401(k) ... a self-induced coma may be the only option. Will Medicare pay for that?

Mike Corradetti, Brigantine

The answer is simple: Delaware, where else! I cannot afford to retire in N.J.! They tax everything! Our politicians make it impossible to live here. I will sell all my property (if I can) and move.

James Rosen, Galloway Township

The next question

Is the state taking the right steps to balance its budget?

Send your answer, in 25 words or less, by e-mail to kpost@pressofac.com.

Send regular mail to Kevin Post, Business editor, The Press of Atlantic City, 11 Devins Lane, Pleasantville, NJ 08232.

Either way, include your name, address and phone number for confirmation and a place to send the 25 Words mug if you win.

Include suggestions for future topics, anything related to money worth fixing or exploring.

Responses will appear in Marketplace on June 7.

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