Business: Surf Nano Products, of Sea Isle City

Owners: Howard Loveless, 56, and brother-in-law Andy Giordano, both of Seaville, Upper Township

Founded: 2009

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Contact: 866-842-8530,

Employees: Three

Sales: Undisclosed

We are a distributor of a nanotechnology surface coating that has a wide variety of applications.

We started with water sports with a product called SNP, the Enhancer. On a surfboard or stand-up paddleboard, it reduces the friction or water drag, increasing speed and allowing the person to maneuver the board better with less fatigue.

That product is endorsed by surfer Darrick Doerner in the Hawaii area and Gerry Lopez, an icon in stand-up surfing, as well as Brian Heritage, whose local surfing team uses it. Channel 6 in Philadelphia uses the product on its news vans' windows to keep them cleaner as well as on their cameras in the field.

The product is completely environmentally friendly and wears off slowly. It should last six months to a year before a second maintenance application is needed.

We're testing the product for aerodynamic purposes. A NASCAR team tested it on cars in a wind tunnel. There is also a huge possible application on solar panels.

Our product is a liquid with manmade glass and ceramic nanoparticles, produced through a proprietary process.

When applied, it creates a molecular bond with the surface. The resultant coating is a microscopic glass and ceramic top coating. All surfaces are microscopically porous. What our product does is not fill in the voids, but restructure the surface so you have a smoother surface. When water droplets hit that surface, they tend to drop off rather than adhere. It is applied as a solution and it air dries in about 20 minutes, creating a haze simlar to a car wax. You simply buff it off with Amicro fiber towel.

When we talk to anybody, the biggest challenge is understanding nanotechnology. Until someone takes the time to learn about it, they don't see how it can impact their daily life.

Business editor Kevin Post


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