Business: renee

Location: The Pier Shops at Caesars, second floor, Atlantic City Boardwalk

Owner: Renee and Joseph Esposito, of Egg Harbor Township

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-344-0600

Our store, renee, has really unique shoes from Brazil, Italy and Amsterdam, as well as shoes that are made in the U.S.

They have really soft leather, and are unusual and unique shoes.

We have a great line of custom jewelry. We have handbags, also imported from Italy, leathers, and hand-kicked leather bags made by an artist in Brooklyn.

My store has really fun dresses and clothing, from New York, California and Europe. It's well made, quality clothing at great prices.

There are fun, cute dresses from a company called Gracia. We have tops, leather vests, really fun colors. We've definitely brought in spring bright colors to chase away the long winter we've had.

And of course we have a shoe to match everything in clothing.

We carry United Nude, made in Amsterdam by an architect, unusual and not-your-typical shoes. We just sold a handful of them to Whoopi Goldberg online.

We carry Vince Camuto, which is a really popular line. It's on fire right now because they're super comfortable, made of really soft leather. Chocolate Blu is also really soft leathers, from Brazil.

Our jewelry is costume but it's well made. I get a lot of it from New York and California, as well as from a few local artists. There are semiprecious stones and things influenced by what's hot this season.

We're the very first store over the Boardwalk bridge, when you're going from Caesars into The Pier Shops.

Entry: My brother and I were in retail for more than 20 years. We started out in children's clothing with Baby Me, a store in English Creek Shopping Center and later here, when it was called Ocean One.

Then Andre and I moved on and had five different stores at Ocean One. I took a break, got married and had a baby. Now I'm back with my husband, Joseph.

The future: We opened Thursday with a buy one get one half off sale for the first week to welcome everybody.

Business editor Kevin Post

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