ATLANTIC CITY — This may be the best-smelling convention to hit Atlantic City.

The title explains it: The Atlantic Bakery Deli Dairy Expo.

The event — previously called the Atlantic Bakery Expo — comes to the Atlantic City Convention Center every other year.

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With it come companies selling a wide assortment of industrial kitchen gizmos that crack eggs, slice marzipan, hoist 180-pound bowls of dough and mass produce smiley-face cookies.

And there are some serious baked bread and pastry aromas.

Companies and manufacturers at the expo are selling to retail bakery owners, supermarket and restaurant buyers, hotel chefs and others in the industry, show manager Howard Casper said.

The expo, which started Sunday and concludes today, is for trade only and not open to the public.

Shilah Stahl, an employee of Sweet Sensations Bakery in Lebanon, Pa., was looking for new ideas to bring back to the bakery.

“You have to. People see it on TV and they want you to do it. So you have to figure out how to do it,” she said.

Some offerings were more visual than others.

Take the Centri-Mattic III, which can break and blend 360 eggs a minute, or more than 20,000 in an hour.

To demonstrate, Steve Maynard, an employee of machine manufacturer ADSI, Inc., dumped dozens of whole eggs into a waist-level cylinder.

The machine whirled at 1,570 rpms. Beaten eggs poured from a spout at the bottom, while the shells were captured along the sides.

Maynard brought six cases of eggs — with 30 dozen eggs in a case — for demonstrations to potential customers during two days.

“Do you break eggs?” he asked a woman watching the exhibit.

“We do, but not that many,” was the response.

Illinois-based Savage Bros. Co. displayed a functioning “table-top excluder.”

The machine pushes cookie dough through a hole as a stainless-steel piano wire moves up and down to slice individual pieces of the same thickness, salesman Jacques De Waele said.

“For us, it’s a show stopper. It brings people in to ask questions, and we can talk about the other equipment,” he said.

The Atlantic Bakery Deli Dairy Expo — when it was still the Atlantic Bakery Expo — has been coming to Atlantic City every other year since 1976, Casper said.

It typically draws about 6,000 people, but attendance will reach about 8,500 this year, he said.

The event is presented by the New Jersey Bakers Board of Trade and the New York State Association of Manufacturing Retail Bakers.

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