Dan Glaze

Dan Glaze

Name: Dan Glaze, 61, of North Wildwood

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business from Rutgers University

Family: Divorced, with a son and two granddaughters

Company: Broadley’s Mechanical Dynamics Inc., Upper Township

Position: Manager of the Home Depot fulfillment division

Phone: 609-390-3981

We acquired a contract with Home Depot this year to do heating and air conditioning installations in Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May counties.

Broadley’s Mechanical Dynamics Inc. is a residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and plumbing contractor with 60-plus years in the area. We’re very well established and well known in southern New Jersey. We’re still family-owned.

I was hired specifically to open up and run the Home Depot division.

For Home Depot, we are the heating and air conditioning service provider. We’re given leads from Home Depot on customers desiring installation of Lenox and Mitsubishi equipment.

A customer will go to the Home Depot website or into a store and solicit information, and desire an in-home consultation for heating and air conditioning equipment.

We do the in-home consultation, execute the installation and provide follow-up service and maintenance.

The equipment is acquired through the factory representatives, with special pricing through Home Depot that’s very competitive.

The Mitsubishi is a split system, a ductless system for both heat and air conditioning. That has an inside wall unit, extremely efficient and quiet, and an outside condenser.

The response has far exceeded what we originally thought it would be. The customer doesn’t have to worry because the Home Depot corporation stands behind everything, and guarantees full satisfaction on the installation and the products. We’re really finding that the customer has a great deal of confidence.

The demand has been challenging, helped by the very hot summer, but we have managed to maintain the high service level of Home Depot and Broadley’s.

Entry: I had 20-plus years in the airline industry, working for TWA. Then I went into HVAC, working for four companies in South Jersey the last 12 years. I joined Broadley’s on May 1.

About me: I am a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain and I have a charter boat license. I’m also an avid hunter and fisherman.


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