Name: Bill Cappuccio, 61, of Hammonton

Education: St. Joseph’s High School

Family: Married to Lorraine

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Employer: ProBuild in Pleasantville

Position: Outside sales rep

Phone: 609-568-9360

ProBuild is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of building materials, both residential and commercial.

I was brought on board as an outside sales rep at the new yard we have in Pleasantville. It handles all aspects of residential building, as well as commercial steel studs, insulation, tenant fit-out work, anything for commercial construction.

Basically I call on contractors and purchasing agents, from the smallest remodeler to the largest general contractors.

There are days you’ll find me in the field at their job sites, and days when I’m in the office with purchasing agents. I answer questions about new products and costs, and what’s new in the market.

In today’s marketplace, we become their first source of reference for materials they need for their projects, especially with all the rebuilding after Sandy and a lot of methods that haven’t been used before.

Most of my adult life I’ve been involved with construction or sales. Early in life I was in a retail business, then in construction sales in North Jersey in projects to do with paving. Then I managed a recycling company, mostly dealing with contractors — we’d buy materials, recycle and sell it back to them.

I’ve been in the sales end of building materials for 15 years. I enjoy dealing with people, and most customers find they become my friends over the years.

I’m also involved with the Builders League of South Jersey, a trade association. I used to be with the remodelers association, and we merged with the Builders League.

I came over and became chairman of the Remodelers Council within the league.

I’m also on the board of directors, have chaired several committees, including last year’s two big events, and in January they honored me as Associate of the Year.

About me: As soon as the sun comes out, you’ll find me on the beach in Margate, my favorite place. My wife and I enjoy traveling and our time at the shore.

Business Editor Kevin Post


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