Michele M. Mooney, vice president, secretary and treasurer of DMC Supplies Inc. in Bridgeton

Name: Michele M. Mooney, 42, of Bridgeton

Education: Attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and Cumberland County College

Family: Married to Dennis, with sons Keith and Isaac, and daughter Jessica

Company: DMC Supplies Inc., of Bridgeton

Position: Vice president, secretary and treasurer

Phone: 856-455-4090

DMC Supplies is an industrial and janitorial supply business. We started out selling industrial rags back in 1986. Over the years, people would ask for this and that, and as our business card says, we never say no. We sell a lot of safety wear, cleaning supplies — you name it, there isn’t too much we don’t sell in here.

What I do mostly is bookkeeping and accounts payable things. I also handle everything to do with employees and human resources. I generate reports and forward them to the accountant every month and quarterly.

My father is president, and his main function is sales, and he’s very strong at it. I can handle the other things. We also started a website last year with the help of a professional and I had a lot of input on that. I’m trying to get the word out to our customers about that new capability and how they can order online now.

I’ve learned a lot about website designing the past year. A lot goes into it sometimes.

Entry: DMC has always been a family business. I learned most of what I know from working with my grandmother. She did most of what I do now until she was 80. I’ve had other jobs occasionally, but have been working here some of the time since I was 16. I went full time here in my early 20s.

Sometimes working with family can be a challenge, but at the end of the day, we’re always working in each other’s best interests. I don’t see wearing so many hats as that difficult. It’s definitely not boring and I appreciate doing different things.

It’s rewarding when you learn something new that you didn’t know before, such as working on the website. Because we carry so many products, thousands of them, and deal with so many different types of customers, there’s a lot to learn.

About me: Most of my time out of work is spent with my three children. My husband and I try to get out to dinner once a month if we can.

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