Name: William Land, 53, of Egg Harbor Township

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University

Family: Married to Marie, with adult sons Dennis, Eric and Steven

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Company: Miracle-Ear of Atlantic and Cape May Counties, Egg Harbor Township and Cape May offices

Position: Board certified hearing instrument specialist

Phone: 609-646-2210

Miracle-Ear offers the highest quality products with leading technology for hearing loss. It’s an American product, made in Minneapolis.

Because we represent the manufacturer, we offer the best warranties, lifetime maintenance and service.

Our products range from basic hearing aids to the latest blue-tooth compatible ones. Each includes a maintenance plan with three checkups per year, plus professional cleaning and maintenance.

Miracle-Ear has been in business 62 years, with about 1,200 locations nationwide.

Our demographic is seniors, especially in this area. I’m the king of the snowbirds because we’re the closest to the barrier islands.

I do the hearing tests, make sure your ears are clean and healthy, and then I consult on whether a hearing aid is needed and the proper type.

There are dozens of types of hearing aids, in all sizes, shapes and styles. You need someone licensed by the state and board certified to do this correctly.

What’s critical for today’s hearing aids, which are basically little computers on your ears, is to have someone capable of dealing with technology issues, the software. We do continuing education, taking courses three times per year.

Part of the counseling is evaluating a client’s lifestyle to determine the technology they need. Some models we can dispense over the counter. The most popular styles now are the open fit hearing aids that don’t require a custom mold. Custom molded hearing aids take about two weeks.

Entry: I was supervising craps at Trump Marina in 1999 and figured there was no future in it. I saw an article in The Press saying the future was the senior health market. In the back I saw an ad for Miracle-Ear consultants, I called and the rest is history.

About me: I am president of the Absecon-Galloway Rotary Club, helping people with disabilities, and I coach my son’s teams. I like to fish, golf, travel and go boating.


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