Name: Dennis Krueger, 42, of North Cape May, Lower Township

Education: High school in Philadelphia

Family: Single, with two children

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Company: A Safe Keeping, or ASK

Position: Shredding technician

Phone: 609-889-8287

We have a lot of stuff we offer. In addition to our self-storage and shredding, we offer notary service, shipping with UPS and FedEx, selling on eBay, copying and faxing.

We started with the traditional storage business about 25 years ago, and I started working here about 10 years ago.

We have two locations, in North Cape May and Cape May Court House.

About eight years ago we started with a shredding service. The owner decided to expand into that business, which also gets our trucks out there with our name on them.

Shredding is done by the pound. Either we can come to them for a minimal service fee, or they can bring it to us by appointment at a flat rate of 35 cents per pound, with no minimum.

We handle both commercial and residential shredding needs.

In storage, we have sizes from 5-by-5 to 10-by-30. We have regular units and climate-controlled units, and also outside storage for boats, cars and RVs.

We thought about what else we could do the help the consumer, what would make their lives easier, and came up with the other services.

So we can list items on eBay and pretty much handle it all - listing, packing, shipping - for a percentage of the overall sale price. Same with the shipping. We can pack it up or they can have it ready to go.

I do all of these things except for the notary services. That's handled by others who have notary licenses.

I've done large shredding jobs that required multiple truck trips, and the truck handles 4,500 pounds.

The shredder is diesel powered, driven by the truck's engine. It can shred about a ton of paper an hour.

We take the shredded documents to a recycling center afterward.

Entry: I used to work at the Wildwoods Convention Center, and before that at Radio Shack. I was working at a deli and saw a help wanted sign here. I was hired part time, and within a week they wanted me full time.

In this work, you have to maintain a positive attitude with the customers, and you're always hustling between the jobs.

About me: I like sports, ice hockey in particular. I'm too old now to play it. I like to read, especially old, classic mysteries.

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