Clyde Ash

Clyde Ash

Name: Clyde Ash, 54, of Marmora

Education: Absegami High School

Family: Married to Bonnie Ash, with two sons: Jared, 20, and Matthew, 22

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Company: Cape Island Building and Restorations, of Somers Point

Position: Project manager and business development

Phone: 609-675-6617

On the site of a catastrophe — whether fire, flood or whatever — we’re the first ones there after the emergency response.

Cape Island Building and Restorations does emergency board-up after a fire or other event, and secures your property from further damage.

We get the homeowner settled above and beyond what the Red Cross would do, so if they need we’ll set up a place to live for a few days or long term, whatever they need. If possible, we put them in a mobile home on their property so there’s less disruption in their lives.

Then I go in and gather any valuable contents for the homeowner and get that secured with them.

If the electric company needs to be called to get power back on, we do that, and at least get the property secured so we can do whatever demolition is needed.

I also inventory their salvageable and nonsalvageable contents.

We also perform the emergency services needed for that type of event, so if it’s flooded, we open the walls and bring in air moves, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers as needed. If it was a fire, we bring in air scrubbers and a hydroxylator.

Then we write the scope of the damage and the remediation required, and meet with their adjuster at the site.

We then provide the homeowner with an estimate on the rebuild. If there are changes they want to do at that time, we include them.

We’re bonded, licensed and insured. We offer 24-hour-a-day service.

Entry: I was in home improvement lending for 15 years. That dried up when lending tightened and I got into this business three years ago.

The most challenging thing is juggling the adjusters, the remediation, the rebuild and letting the homeowners concentrate on family.

About me: I like to play golf when I can. I don’t take much time off, but when I do, I like to go to Florida.

More than 30 years’ experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines in Illinois, Colorado, Texas and New Jersey and 1985 winner of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association’s John Murphy Award for copy editing.

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