Suzette Rodriguez

Suzette Rodriguez is a senior claim rep for Metro Public Adjustment in Vineland.

Staff photo by Kevin Post

Name: Suzette Rodriguez, 39, of Vineland

Education: Attended University of Puerto Rico

Family: Married to Nick Galyean, with sons Kevin and John, daughter Zoe

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Company: Metro Public Adjustment Inc. of Vineland

Position: Senior claims representative

Phone: 856-982-3629

Metro Public Adjustment advocates for and protects home and business property owners. We make sure the proper insurance policy is in place and make recommendations that will benefit the policyholder.

We like to talk to the property owner before they have a claim, to make sure they’re properly covered. If they don’t have the right coverage, we may not be able to help them.

When there’s a claim, we guide the policyholder through the process. Our goal is to maximize the policyholder’s settlement with the insurance company.

I visit clients, read their policy to them and help them understand it. I explain what they’re covered for, and if they have a claim, then I’ll write the claim for them and start the process.

Then our field adjuster comes in and goes over the claim with the customer, and if we think it’s a valid claim, we’ll contact the insurance company and proceed with the claim process.

The biggest problem is people don’t know their policy. They don’t know what they’re covered for, what falls under each category listed on their policy. We read the endorsements and also tell them what isn’t covered under their policy.

The visit and discussion of their policies is free. Then they’re aware what to look for, and if they have a claim, they might call us to help them with their claim.

Entry: Even after being a homeowner for more than 10 years, I didn’t know this service existed. It seemed very helpful.

I had a small claim from my own house, and Metro Public Adjustment was able to help me.

I talked to their representative and asked how I could do the same kind of work. He sent me to the Vineland office for a presentation, and then I put in an application.

I do public adjusting part time on the side. I also work full time on export sales for a laboratory glassware company.

About me: When I’m not working, I like to do sports with the kids, go to the park and spend time with them.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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