The power of two people coming together to accomplish a goal or objective has always impressed me.

Maybe it started watching family members, friends and neighbors work together on projects around our house and neighborhood. Or perhaps seeing community members volunteering for local charities.

Growing up in a supportive environment, at some point I moved from witness to participant when it comes to the power of two. When magnifying your efforts, nothing works better than another pair of hands, arms, legs or, most importantly, another brain.

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The power of two is a great concept to use in business, as well. While forming an official or legal partnership is an option, it is not always necessary to accomplish a goal or objective. There are many ways to work together that make sense and benefit both individuals and businesses.

The opportunity to work together could come in the form of a joint venture, alliance or memorandum of understanding. In some cases, it could be as simple as seeking out another person and asking that person to help you.

For more than a decade, I have had the opportunity to employ the power of two as part of the work I do every day. Most days, my consulting of potential and existing business owners includes sitting down with individuals who have an idea or concept they want to put into action. After we work through a needs assessment to ensure we are clear on the assistance, the client seeks a form of brainstorming, problem solving and strategy development.

While the results vary from client to client, the client and I usually agree on this: Our collective efforts brought more results than either of us could have done without the other.

The most successful of these sessions usually takes place when there is a combination of individual skills that complement each other’s knowledge and experience, as well as clear and frank communication.

As important as the power of two is to moving initiatives forward, the action actually begins with one person. An individual first needs to have a single idea, concept, desire or goal. Then the individual must be willing to share the idea or concept with another.

The sharing of an idea may not occur for many reasons. It could be the originator does not feel the concept or idea is strong enough. Or, they may not trust someone enough to share the idea. Perhaps they haven’t taken the time to connect with people who can help them put the idea into action.

The power of two is effective in areas of safety, nonprofits and within families, neighborhoods and communities. Of course, every additional individual who joins the effort beyond the two adds to the effort for a more powerful impact.

We can accomplish so much more working together than we can individually. I see the results every day of helping others accomplish their goals, and it continues to motivate and inspire.

Plenty of business people and individuals need some form of assistance. Take a moment and check in with others and offer a hand or a suggestion to help them accomplish a goal or put an idea into action.

While two heads and two hearts may be better than one, the power of two begins with one.

Joe Molineaux, director of the Small Business Development Center at Richard Stockton College, can be reached at

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