Nick Rifice has opened Nick's Knacks in Egg Harbor City. 

Business: Nick's Knacks LLC

Location: Liverpool Avenue, Egg Harbor City

Owner: Nick Rifice, 33, of Egg Harbor City

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Employees: Owner operated, subcontracting large jobs

Phone: 609-248-NICK

Nick's Knacks does a little bit of everything. I do home repairs, renovations, snow removal, tree service, backhoe service, handyman work.

My claim to fame is I do just about anything else you can think of. Our slogan is, "Yeah, we've got a knack for that."

What I want to be is a one-stop shop. So if you need your home rebuilt, you call me and I handle everything.

You have nothing to worry about. I bring everyone to you. I bring the samples to you, the paint colors, whatever you need to so you don't have to stress.

I have customers who ask to have a light bulb changed, and I'm right now wrapping up the reconstruction of eight homes that had more than 50 percent damage from Hurricane Sandy.

After the storm, I felt it was wrong to charge exorbitant prices for emergency work. My prices are my prices. I give free estimates for any type of project. I've had jobs ranging from a $20 repair to $45,000 worth of work.

For the storm-damaged homes, we did full replacement of Sheetrock and insulation, floors and subflooring, and subcontracted out the electrical and heating and air conditioning repair. It involved custom cabinetry, wood trim and wainscoting.

Entry: I have a bachelor of science degree in information systems, graduating from Ramapo College in 2003. I've had several careers over the last 10 years, but was always doing home repair projects nights and weekends. I became so busy doing that, it became a full-time job, so I formed this business.

I happened to start the business right before the storm, which created a lot of work for my business.

The future: I'm currently working from southern Atlantic County up to Monmouth County. I'm going to be adding vehicles to my commercial snowplowing fleet and hope in the next few months to bring on two to three full-time employees. I'd like to add more heavy equipment, earth-moving equipment, as well to tackle larger jobs.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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