Kelly Mannis, Live Right Naturally

Kelly Mannis, of Galloway Township, manager of Live Right Naturally, a supplement store in Egg Harbor Township, talks about the organic products and homeopathic remedies.

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Live Right Naturally, a store on the Black Horse Pike, sells dietary supplements but makes its profit in information.

Supplements are sold in most supermarkets, pharmacies and big-box stores across South Jersey.

But employee Kelly Mannis, of Galloway Township, said what sets her store apart from the crowd is the knowledge the store’s certified natural health professionals offer about the products and manufacturers.

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The store sells doTerra Essential Oils along with dozens of other dietary and nutritional supplements. These oils come in a variety of fragrances from clove to eucalyptus.

“People like peppermint if they have a headache. Lavender is for people who want to fall asleep,” Mannis said.

People can rub the oils on the skin or put them in water in a diffuser that spreads the scent throughout a room.

“We’re getting more customers through word of mouth,” Mannis said.

Real estate developer Donna Risley opened the store in 2012 in the Risley Commons, a commercial plaza she built on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township.

Friend and business consultant Danielle Giancola, of Galloway Township, said Risley is a strong believer in the benefits of supplements.

Dietary supplements are a $20 billion industry in the United States, according to the Natural Products Foundation, a trade group. But the industry generates $60 billion in sales and jobs for the national economy.

Giancola said she thinks the rising cost of traditional health care is spurring more people to look for alternative remedies.

“I haven’t had health insurance in three years. I haven’t been to a doctor during that time. The costs are so expensive,” she said.

The supplements are not intended to replace prescribed medicines or treatments, she said. But some customers have found comparable benefits in the products for what ails them.

“We don’t think it has anything to do with the placebo effect,” Mannis said. “We think it works.”

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. But the shop is stocked with brands known for their longevity and popularity in the market, she said.

“These are products that are proven,” she said.

The store sponsors weekly seminars on wellness topics and the benefits of its various product lines. It also offers wellness counseling to local businesses — which helps generate new customers for the store.

Live Right Naturally offers biosurveys with a ZYTO scanner, which measures a customer’s galvanic skin response to determine which, if any, dietary supplements might be useful.

A customer puts his or her hand on a device in which the fingers and palm make contact with metal sensors that measure the level of electrical conductivity in the skin.

The manufacturer makes no explicit health claims in its literature, noting that its scans do not diagnose illness or disease and are not intended to treat any health condition.

Live Right Naturally also has a machine called TurboSonic designed to help customers improve their flexibility and muscle tone. Customers stand barefoot on the machine, which resembles a treadmill. But instead of walking, the machine’s micro-vibrations stimulate the body’s muscle systems, causing them to flex and burn energy.

Employees at the shop swear by the machine, suggesting it helped them lose weight. But long-term research is lacking.

“If we didn’t use these products ourselves, we wouldn’t share them with customers,” Giancola said.

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