Melissa Bellomo had the electricity to her Mays Landing home restored Monday, but without Internet service, she has been struggling to keep up with her work.

“You feel so selfish saying this, but I haven’t been able to work for a week,” the 31-year-old events coordinator said.

While Bellomo is among the luckier residents who had their power restored within a couple of days of the destructive June 30 storm, her Comcast service remains out.

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“Every day I call, and the only updates they give are it can be two hours or it can be four or five days,” Bellomo wrote in an email. “As someone who earns their living working from home, providing service to 575 clients from around the country, this has been frustrating.”

Comcast service depends on customers having their electricity restored. However, for some who have had their power restored, the service remains elusive.

The company said Mays Landing was among the areas hardest hit by the storm. Employees have been working around the clock, some even canceling vacations to work on restoration, Comcast spokeswoman Jennifer Bilotta said.

“Most issues have been directly related to commercial power outages, and for the vast majority of people, service has been restored as power came back to their homes,” she wrote in an email. “With a small number of cases, customers might not have cable service even after power is restored due to more extensive damage caused by fallen debris or other circumstances.”

The company did not provide a timetable for when the restoration would be complete.

Bellomo said she has been trying to make do by going to a local bookstore where she can get Internet access. But that has proved to be inconvenient.

“The inconvenience is you don’t have your work files,” Bellomo said, adding she also doesn’t have access to her home fax machine and customers who call her work phone number, which is at home, can’t get through.

The other issue, she said, is that Comcast won’t agree to credit her for the time lost. The company has said that it won’t credit customers for service lost due to an electrical outage. It said if electricity is restored to an area but Comcast service remains out, they will consider giving customers a credit, but only on a case-by-case basis.

Bellomo said late Friday that her Comcast service had been restored, although others still did not have their utility services.

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