Name: Mary Lu Haynie, 60, of Somers Point

Education: Scranton (Pa.) Technical High School

Family: Single

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Company: Groveland Cleaners, New Road, Somers Point

Position: General operations

Phone: 609-927-0555

Haynie speaks about the business:

Groveland Cleaners has a large automatic laundry. We are a full-service dry cleaners.

We send out shirts to be laundered, but all of the dry cleaning is done on the premises. We also do tailoring. People can also bring in suedes and leathers, and an expert picks them up and cleans them for us.

We also clean wedding dresses. Some people want to preserve them, and we box them, right on the premises. We're also good at stain removal. We get a lot of repeat business, because people try us and find out we're the best and come back.

A lot of people like it that there is somebody on the premises from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, especially if they're in the automatic laundry and need help.

We're open during holidays but with a little shorter hours, for pickup, drop off and the coin-operated laundry.

I open the store, turn on all the machinery, and get the loads of clothes ready to be started, a light load and a dark load. Then I wait on the counter, get the orders in, make sure the same-day orders are on schedule, and get loads out of the machines and ready for the pres-sers. Once pressed, the clothes come back to me and I start putting orders together to be bagged.

I also refill the change machines, count the money, and fill in for the owner/manager when he's not here.

Entry: As a senior in high school, I started working at Bell Pennsyl-vania. I moved here from Scranton in 1981 so my husband could get a better job. I started working at Groveland Cleaners that year to make ends meet, and my son was young at the time, and I could zip home if I had to. Now he's 40. You get to know your customers and their certain colognes and perfumes. I could write a book about the things I've found in pockets. One challenge is the heat in the summer. Another is staying focused, so you don't mix up orders.

About me: I've always liked to dance, and I like to bake, especially pies and macaroni and cheese. I help out at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, and I'm the vice president of the ladies' auxiliary of the Somers Point Fire Department and have been with them for 26 years.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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