Debbie Lamb of Daily Financial Care Services LLC

Debbie Lamb has started a money management service.

Photographer: Frank Weiss

Business: Daily Financial Care Services LLC

Location: Lakeview Drive, Dennisville

Owner: Deborah L. Lamb, of Dennis Township

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-464-3944

Daily Financial Care Services provides daily money-manager services for clients who need help with their financial affairs. It’s like having your own personal financial assistant.

I help keep track of household paperwork, including bills, healthare benefits and other financial matters. I balance the checkbook and organize, review and sort mail. I can also help them track investments, and submit and track medical insurance claims.

This is a service that can be used by disabled individuals, military members who are deployed and need help with financial matters, busy professionals and small-business owners, but to a large extent I see it being used by senior citizens. Seniors have physical challenges that make it difficult for them to handle their affairs. They might have limited vision or arthritis issues, and sometimes they can’t follow through on tasks.

They might also be seniors who are active or travel a lot and can’t keep up with their paperwork.

This way people can spend quality time with their parents, instead of spending hours going through their bills. I hope this helps seniors keep their independence. I offer a free first hour consultation. I come to their house, talk to them and find out their needs and how I can help them. Then we’ll set up a schedule for me to come for a minimum of one hour per visit, perhaps weekly or monthly. The fee could vary depending on the services involved. I’ll do individual tax returns if they wish, since I’m a certified public accountant. But I don’t provide transportation to medical appointments and such, and I don’t arrange for in-home care or other therapeutic services. I don’t provide financial, investment or legal advice, but I can provide referrals for those services.

Entry: For 30 years, I worked as a CPA. I helped both businesses and individuals prepare financial records for income taxes, and I specialized in the areas of estates and trusts. I was a manager at Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, in Marmora.

The future: I’m hoping this service does well and I’m taking it as it comes along. I’m not looking to work crazy hours, which is why I got out of accounting after 35 years.

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