Frank Foy, 31, of Hammonton

Sammy Vassilev

Business: ActionCoach Business Coaching

Location: Lenore Court, Hammonton

Owner: Frank Foy, 31, of Hammonton

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Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-270-7476

The vision of ActionCoach Business Coaching is world abundance through business re-education. That sounds outlandish, but when you start at the community level, it makes sense.

Business owners typically feel they’re doing well because maybe they see nominal growth year to year.

I’m not here to tell any business it’s not doing well. I like to compare business coaching to sports coaching. If a team wins, they still watch the game tape, because you’ll be able to see things you could have done easier and faster.

That’s where an ActionCoach comes in and talks about some of the things that you might not be seeing.

What I find is that most people go into business for one big reason: freedom and time freedom. They find their time really gets eaten up.

They discover they own a job not a business. I like to tell them business doesn’t stand for busy-ness.

Three areas are the most relatable: time, team and money.

I’m working with an entertainment provider in the area, CF Star Entertainment, a great service that works weddings and local bars. It promotes out-of-work actors.

I coached them on enrolling and inspiring, which requires vision. That needs to be apparent to people. They started putting their vision and their mission statement in all their communications, in their letterhead.

What the company is providing has to be clear not only to the team but current clients. They started to make that vision apparent to clients, and we’re already seeing a little increase in cash flow.

ActionCoach is a franchise model of the top coaching firm in the world. We’re in 31 countries and have been around since 1993.

There is no standard fee overall. Fees range from $50 a month to $3,500 a month. Once a week, I’ll give a complementary coaching session to prospective clients.

Entry: I previously spent six years in corporate America, mostly in sales, marketing and media, with the company that owns WMMR-FM in Philadelphia and then in New York. After I hired myself a coach, I realized that’s what I wanted to do.

The future: I’m in the process of hiring my first employee, a marketing assistant, by the end of March.

Business editor Kevin Post

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