Karen Callaghan

Karen Callaghan is co-owner of the new spine and rehab center that has opened in Hammonton.

Business: Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center


1145 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton

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Owner: Karen Callaghan and husband Anthony Holvick, of Mays Landing

Employees: 22 overall, one

in Hammonton

Phone: 609-748-0222

Atlantic County Family Spine & Rehab Center offers chiropractic care, the realigning of the spine in order to restore health to the body.

I tell patients we just use our hands to put your spine back into alignment and then we just get out of the way.

We've been practicing together at our original location in Galloway Township since 1993. We expanded into the AtlantiCare Life Center in Egg Harbor Township in 2007 and added Atlantic City in 2009.

Our secret is service to our patients. Tomorrow, I'm holding a service boot camp for our staff to talk about how we can make everything better for the patients.

The state mandates we get a certain number of continuing education credits, and we always take many more than the requirement.

In 2000, we added physical therapy to the practice because it just worked better for the patient. They get the spine put into alignment and then the physical therapist works on strengthening the unstable areas so they hold the adjustment much better.

In 2010, we added manipulation under anesthesia. That's a technique that's used for patients who were responding originally and then they get stuck and aren't improving.

A young chiropractor in Hammonton decided to go back to school and asked us to take over his practice. We've always opened our own practices from scratch, but we went up there and it was a charming little practice, so we thought this was just great. It's such a nice, upbeat town, and I love going there.

We have five doctors of chiropractic and two physical therapists.

The future: We always said we were going to open five offices, so we're getting close.

We're running out of space in Atlantic County and that's in our name, so we might have to consider changing our name.

A fifth one would have to be equally easy to get to. It's really important for Tony and I to be there. It's a hands-on practice.

Business editor Kevin Post

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