Ashley and Jeff Macpherson have opened Bloom Coffee in Northfield.

Business: Bloom Coffee & Tea

Location: 1600 New Road, Northfield

Owners: Ashley, 25, and Jeff, 29, Macpherson, of Linwood; and Lorey and Gerry Bird, of Ocean City

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Employees: 2

Phone: 609-241-1775

Bloom Coffee & Tea has locally roasted coffee, specialty blends and espresso drinks.

For the summer, we have homemade lemonades, flavored lemonades and flavored teas.

Our iced coffee is our specialty. We do a cold-brewed process, a 14-hour brew time with no heat. It takes away all of the bitterness and acidity.

We also have pastries and have started a lunch line of wraps, and carrots and hummus.

Our coffee roaster is Kaffe Magnum Opus in Vineland. They're wonderful.

We use some blends they've recommended, and our Bloom Golden Blend we worked on for a long time - probably eight or 10 samples - to get a lighter roast that isn't acidic.

We're very proud of our dark roast as well, dark and full with a chocolaty feeling without getting to that burnt flavor.

We also have a house blend - with East African, Indonesian and Mexican beans. We chose a blend instead of single origin because that maintains the flavor year after year. Single origin beans can vary.

We have a specific espresso roasted bean, and a decaf medium roast bean.

We're selling a ton of the lavender lemonade, a perfectly refreshing combination. Just fresh lemon juice, cane sugar and lavender flavor, that's all.

Other lemonades include blackberry, raspberry, passion flower, strawberry, coconut and elder flower, which is a unique flavor.

We can seat about 15 people inside and 20 outside. We're in a newly renovated urban/industrial building, and we've mixed colors and metals in our decor. It used to be a warehouse and the owners worked to hold onto that industrial feel.

Entry: I've always wanted to do this. I didn't think the opportunity would come up this soon, but Lorey and Gerry wanted something like this in their building. We hit it off when we met and everything fell into place.

The future: We're getting umbrellas to shade the seating outside. In the fall, we're looking to do some event nights, maybe music, art or film. Friday and Saturday nights we're open late. We may also try to do some coffee pairings and tastings, working with our roaster on that.


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