Business: Cape May Metal Detectors

Location: Elwood Avenue, Marmora, Upper Township

Owner: William Kinney, of Upper Township

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Employees: 2

Phone: 609-317-6006

Owner William Kinney speaks about the business:

Cape May Metal Detectors sells a full line of metal detecting equipment and accessories.

One of the biggest things we do is we rent the machines. To give you an idea, one recent weekend (June 1-2) we had two people call and were in a tizzy.

A guy from Vermont on the last day of vacation lost car keys on the beach. Then a lady who lost a $4,000 diamond engagement ring.

I take the machines to their locations, give them a five-minute tutorial and send them on their way. They may be treasure hunting or whatever ... I told them if you absolutely lost this item in your general vicinity, you're going to find it within five minutes ... and they both found it within five minutes.

I knew the business would be a success just from that experience ... I tell people to draw a circle where you were, and stay in the area, and you'll find it.

The second aspect is treasure hunting…lost coins, jewelry.

A lot of people involved in historical research.

It is one of the most addictive sports you can get into. We rent Garrett Metal Detectors, a prominent name in the metal detecting/security service ... they make portable wands for the airports.

We sell the complete Garrett line, entry from $150 up to $5,000 sonar rig you pull behind your boat, also made by Garrett.

Rentals are $35 a day, and we charge $50 per week ... and we deliver it and pick it up.

We're covering basically Cape May County ... if I got a call from Ventnor or Linwood, for example, I'd try to take care of that too.

It's a sport, a cross between archeology and hunting.

Entry: I'm retired, and my brother got me into metal detecting. I think there's a market for it in southern New Jersey. I don't know how many people who lost things on the beach and just couldn't find it.

The future: I probably will consider opening a fixed location after the first of the year.

Business Editor Kevin Post

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