Candi Howley

Candi Howley, right, and one of her daughters, Samantha, both of Galloway Township. They own and operate Warm & Fizzy, a bath and body products shop in Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City.

Business: Warm & Fizzy

Location: Historic Gardner’s Basin, next to Atlantic City Aquarium

Owners: Candi Howley and daughters Heather, 23, and Samantha, 19, all of Galloway Township  

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Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-816-6140

Warm & Fizzy has a wide range of offerings, from our handcrafted bath and body products to girls’ tutus, hats and hair clips.

The business started with a cupcake bath balm. It looks exactly like a large cupcake. We decided to make mini ones for kids and for dogs, for the pampered pup. When it hits the water, the bottom fizzes and the top melts.

We expanded into whipped shea butters, lotions, sulfate-free shampoos, hand sanitizers and bath fizzy salts such as Classic Buttercreme, orange and Fruit Loop. We have a sugar scrub called American Pie.

We also make pet products, such as pet shampoo. We just did a two-week fundraiser to benefit the Atlantic County Humane Society.

Our new thing is roll-on fragrances. They come in lavender, patchouli, one called Beach Day that’s very popular, sea salt and one called Hey Girl.

Heather is working on incorporating things that are popular with teens such as movies and a TV vampire series, so one fragrance is called Bite Me.

We want to make this a fun little place. Anyone can come in and request a custom fragrance.

We just started making a body scrub and lip scrub, which is a strawberry cheesecake sugar scrub.

Heather also makes our own incense. She’s the brains behind most of the products we put out. She’s really creative.

Entry: Heather started just playing around with recipes, with a bath fizzy. She expanded it and concocted the icing top of the cupcake with whipped soap.

I said, half kidding, that in the spring we should get one of the sheds at Gardner’s Basin, and she said she’d love to do that. Meanwhile she was finishing her criminal justice degree at Stockton College, interning with the Prosecutor’s Office and working at Harrah’s full time.

Sam is our marketing and hospitality dynamo. When she’s in the store, our sales are in the triple digits. Happily, that’s the field she wants to go into.

The future: We’re going to change things up in about a month and bring in T-shirts with inspirational messages on them that will support a cancer fund.

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