Business: Curiosity - Decor with a Past

Location: 1320 Tilton Road, Northfield

Owner: Kim Maiuro, of Northfield

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-271-0014

For Curiosity - Decor with a Past, I have poured myself into creating the most exquisite creations by repurposing old, forgotten and unloved pieces and furnishings, that I still see the inner beauty they have. I do this with a flare of my own, painting, distressing and re-creating pieces into true works of art. Every item is transformed.

My distressed design is so totally shabby chic, cottage and perfect for beach homes looking for a special touch. They add a feeling of romance and peacefulness.

Not only do I sell my own repurposed pieces I've given new life, I also do custom work on pieces customers bring in.

I've revamped old buffets to re-create them into pieces for living room, bedroom and even a bath.

I take vintage vanities, distress them and paint them. The techniques highlight their points of interest.

There are vintage bedroom sets, in high demand, and end tables, and one-of-a-kind furnishings, such as a deacon's bench. For example, I have a beautiful china cabinet with a lot of carving.

Curiosity has a wide selection of odd chairs. There is a large collection of architectural pieces, such as locker baskets and mantles and accessories. I also handle a line of fine soaps, which are all natural.

Demand for my work has blossomed. I love what I do.

I search estate sales, travel for hours, finding pieces wherever.

Entry: I'm the third generation in the furniture and antique business. My grandfather had an auction house and antique business in Lancaster, Pa. My family has been in Country Living magazine. I grew up with it, loving old pieces.

I started off working in my home, until my children started to complain because I had so much furniture piled up. Then I took over my den. We decided it was time to venture into a store.

Other women I know also offer their treasured pieces for sale here. I welcome consignment pieces.

The future: People say the store's enchanting. I have great, quirky ideas I'd like to pursue. I'd like to stay open seven days a week.

Business Editor Kevin Post