BUSCEMA talks about the business

Business: Massage Mend Me

Location: 1039 Asbury Ave., Ocean City

Owners: Joseph Buscema and Liying Doncheg, of Atlantic City

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Employees: 2

Phone: 609-513-3204

Massage Mend Me Offers massage therapy; reflexology or foot massage; facials and waxing. We offer Swedish-style massage, hot-stone massage and deep-tissue massage.

Reflexology is very popular. People love foot massage. We have a big photo in our store of all the nerve endings that go through the feet. Foot massage actually relieves a lot of stress and is one of the best massages you can get.

There are studies that show massage is a very healthy thing, relieving stress. Some people prefer a deep-tissue massage, which can relieve muscle pain. Others like a lighter massage.

People on vacation in Ocean City often look to include a massage while they're visiting, between trips to the beach and Boardwalk. The city has a couple of massage shops and they seem to be very busy.

Liying Doncheg is licensed to perform massages and facials. She worked in the medical field in China, and when she came here, she figured she'd work in a related field.

We have two areas for foot massage and five massage rooms for privacy. We also can open a curtain between two of them so couples can have a massage together. As soon as you walk in, there's a small desk and to the right are reclining chairs. We can perform facials in a couple of booths there.

We're intending to be open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days per week. People also can call and make an appointment, which is better because it ensures we can provide the proper staffing.

Entry: My girlfriend has several other stores and has been in business several years. She wanted me to create a business with her.

After Hurricane Sandy, several storefronts became available. Our place wasn't much affected by the storm, thanks to flood gates built into it, and now it looks brand new. We had a choice of stores and this particular shop was the perfect size. We saw an opportunity and the city is making sure its business community is coming back fully.

The future: We'll see how this store goes. We think we have a fantastic name - mend means to fix. If it works out well, we might open a second or third store. Hopefully we'll have a great summer.


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