Business: All Things Considered Senior Move Management LLC

Location: St. Ives Court, Galloway Township

Owner: Susan Joy, 51, of Galloway, and a partner

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Employees: Owner-operated, with subcontractors

Phone: 609-412-3189

A senior move manager is a professional who assists people, often older adults, and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation or aging in place.

We offer a multifaceted approach to the move process, from space planning in the beginning to post-move support and advocacy.

All Things Considered Senior Move Management services are marketed to a broad variety of people. One is seniors who perhaps aren't ready to downsize and maybe want to stay in the home for a while. Another is families with a home that needs packing before it's sold.

We also serve retirement and assisted-living communities. One of the biggest obstacles for them is moving a resident in.

Senior move managers are also used by Realtors who need a home emptied to show, probate lawyers settling an estate and anyone who needs to handle the disposition of stuff, some that's wanted and much that isn't.

My background is in corporate retail, and I've helped moved employees and open six stores across the country.

I'm a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and have gotten training with them.

I have connections for placing people in communities, arranging the sale of unwanted items, helping with computers and networks, many resources to assure they're comfortable from day one.

My partner is in the health care field, and we consider aging in place a good alternative to a nursing home.

Entry: My mother fell and broke her hip years ago. She was in North Jersey, hours away, in a rehab recovery center. The decision was made to move her in with me, and there was a whole condo full of possessions that needed to be sorted, packed and moved.

The future: Down the line we'd like to add helping seniors navigate the health care system.


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